Reviews door luisteraars

Anthropophagus (1980) (Rob Cr.)

Anthropophagus 2 (1981) (Rob Cr.)

Bloody Birthday (1981) (Rob Cr.)

Castle Freak (1995) (Rob Cr.)

The Centerfold Girls (1974) (Rob Cr.)

Chopping Mall (1986) (Rob Cr.)

House Of The Devil (2009 (Rob Cr.)

The Initiation (1984) (Rob Cr.)

I Spit On Your Grave (1978) (Rob Cr.)

Just Before Dawn (1981) (Rob Cr.)

Maniac (1980) (Rob Cr)

The Mutilator (1985) (Rob Cr.)

Pin (1988) (Rob Cr.)

The Prey (1984) (Rob Cr.)

Prom Night (1980) (Rob Cr)

Revenge (2018) (Rob Cr.)

Visiting Hours (1982) (Rob Cr.)