Anthropophagus (1980) (Rob Cr.)

Anthropophagus aka The Grim Reaper aka Man-Eater aka The Beast etc. etc., 1980. By master of sleaze and even cheaper exploitation, Joe D’Amato. You don’t go into this flick expecting a good movie this is D’amato trying to cash in on the slasher craze and doing a terrible job at it. A group of young people are on vacation on an island and discover it’s uninhabited. Warning, warning, man-eater with a bad case of acne on the prowl, played by the towering George Eastman. Nothing really happens for the first 70 min. There is a lot of teens just walking around the island, into buildings and hearing creacking noises. This movie is infamous for 2 gore scenes and was banned in Britain. It is one of those Video Nasties that received a cult status. If you are into seeing some real slow moving Italian slasher exploitation this might be the movie for you. Just don’t forget to crack that case of beer before you put this movie on