Visiting Hours (1982) (Rob Cr.)

Visiting Hours, 1982. Not strictly a slasher flick but a genre piece that has more in common with a Brian De Palma thriller. Michael Ironside is haunting, sleazy and relentless as a woman-hating psychotic. The lead character is a feminist tv journalist who makes a public stand against domestic violence. After a first attack she ends up in the hospital and Ironside is there to finish the job. This Canadian movie has a strong feminist overtone wich sets it apart from other slasher movies. The pacing in this flick is like a stalkers wet dream as it is mostly stalking, killing and chasing. Loved the shit out of it and the leather armless shirt Ironside wears got me off good. From the producers of David Cronenberg’s earlier movies it views as part De Palma part Cronenberg and all the way sleaze! Recommended!

visiting hours