Castle Freak (1995) (Rob Cr.)

Castle Freak, 1995. Directed by Stuart Gordon who made a bunch of good genre movies in the late 80’s early 90’s and is mostly known for his debut ‘The Re-Animator’ (also good stuff from Gordon: From Beyond, Space Truckers, Fortress and Dagon). Genre actor Jeffrey Combs delivers another twitchy, sweaty and nervous performance. He inherits an Italian castle wich has a dirty and pervy little secret in the cellar dungeon! Castle Freak is a good entry in the horror genre without adding something new. It is gory and pervy, the perfect combo!! The early to mid 90’s were pretty much the most poor era of horror movies with major franchises that where completely dried up and newer franchises failed to garner a large audience. Only a few still made fairly solid horror flicks like Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna. In Castle Freak there’s this one scene where Jeffrey Combs is in a bar drunk where he strikes a remarkable resemblance to Frank Focketyn acting out a scene from “In de gloria”. Watch out for that!!