The Mutilator (1985) (Rob Cr.)

The Mutilator, 1985. The slasher craze was just about over and Buddy Cooper directed his first and only movie, a fun no-budget gorefest. A true DIY movie made with his close friends. Our lead character accidentally shoots his own mother, 12 or so years later the father still has his hate hat on for his son. Talk about a grudge! The father calls the son to close up his summer beach house. Our lead and friends are gonna have a fun weekend at the beach but they didn’t count on daddy mutilator to spoil their fun. The plot is as straight as a jock, bad acting, shitty dialogues, shoddy lighting the whole kaboodle of crap. But you got to admire this shitpile of a movie just for the DIY aesthetic and the kills. Ofcourse the kills!! A gaff in the snatch, killed by pitchfork, decapitation and your regular slash and dash. The ending is hilarious and the end credits feature a blooper reel. This movie will probably please only the seasoned slasher geeks.