Maniac (1980) (Rob Cr.)

Maniac, 1980. Yes, yes, one of my favorite sleazy slasher pics!! Directed by Bill Lustig who is best know as the founder of the Blue Underground movie label. They re-release hidden movie gems of cult. Do you see that raging boner on that movie poster? You can imagine female empowerment groups having a field day protesting Maniac when it was released. Maniac is a tense, sleazy, raw and splatterific slasherflick, a character study of a serial killer with an excellent and haunting performance by character actor Joe Spinell. Spinell plays Frank Zitto, a depraved maniac with mommy issues who has a big grudge against women. With each kill he grows more detached from reality and enters a world of insanity. The movie has these long and tense as fuck chase scenes, grandiose kills and gore to match by FX specialist Tom Savini. Also starring the hot Caroline Munroe. There is a decent pov remake from some years ago directed by Franck Khalfhoun, produced by Alexandre Aja and starring Frodo Baggins as the Maniac. You really should look up the Joe Spinell docu on Youtube, his life and death is remarkable!!