Bloody Birthday (1981) (Rob Cr.)

Bloody Birthday, 1981. Holy shit! This one, a violent exploitation gem featuring everybodies favorite horror subgenre of killer kids. This is possibly the most disturbing representation of lil’ kil kids the screen has ever seen. Three children are born during a solar eclipe, 10 years later they’re showing extreme violent tendencies and kill everyone they don’t like. Seriously creepy movie with 3 of the most obnoxious, devoid of emotion, smart, pervy little fuckers who are truly evil incarnate. We get to spent a lot of time with these three bastards planning their kills. A perverse sexual angle creeps into the movie as the kids watch people have sex (and then kill them) or a girl doing a striptease. I cannot imagine this movie being made in the present, a grand masterpiece of it’s time!! A very suspensefull chiller with a great musical score.

Bloody birthday