Prom Night (1980) (Rob Cr.)

Prom Night, 1980.
Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, I always liked her better as a scream queen but she didn’t wanted to be typecast at the time. More recently Curtis has come full circle and went back to her roots. Money and desperation has a lot to do with that.
Anyway, the plot of Prom Night is kinda like “I Know What You did Last Summer” for all you 90’s nerds but in this instance it is I-know-what-you-did-six-years-ago. There’s not much happening in the first 50 min, they left all the good stuff ‘till last. Lots of disco in the second half: disco dancing and disco slashing. Solid acting with a believable killer (no supernatural shit) and a satisfying ending make this one to watch.
For the gore hounds, most violence happens off screen (except for that shocker moment). Get your disco groove on for this quintessential slasher! Solid!