Revenge (2018) (Rob Cr.)

Revenge, 2018. This flick was part of a cultnight double bill together with I Spit on your Grave (1978). Thanks to the boys from KLOKSLAG12, CAP CATASTROPHY and the ROXY CINEMA. Incredibly well chosen double bill as they absolutely worked in sync. Another reason I watched this is Belgium’s most rugged and handsome actor Kevin Jansens in this international genre movie. Directed by a woman, this movie created quite a buzz and the real eye candy is ass candy Kevin Jansens. I just want to fall asleep in this guy’s arms, he can hold me forever. I expected a naturalistic revenge flick but boy was I wrong. It took me a while to settle in and embrace this flick wich only operates on movie logic and was bound like an Asian girl in bondage by every genre convention possible. Sometimes it worked really well and at other times it was annoying as hell. Three guys, a girl, a villa and a stretched out rocky dessert. It is a dirt, covered in sweat movie with a great cinematography, awesome and brutal gore and Kevin Jansens ass. This was more fun than a comedy! Recommended!