The Initiation (1984) (Rob Cr.)

The Initiation, 1984. A fun but generic slasher that shifts in fifth gear halfway through when the pledges of a sorority house have to break into a big, big shopping mall to steal the nightwatchman’s clothes. But beware ther’s an escaped killer from a looney bin (like almost every killer from the 80’s) on the loose who has a connection to our lead character (yes, ofcourse). The lead is a young Daphne Zuniga (the girly of Jake the biker from Melrose Place, remember that you 90’s soap geeks?). The movie follows devotely all the genre cliches with the obligatory twist ending. This movie fired up my 30+ brain when I realized I actually already saw this one when I was a kid watching late night horror movies on ‘Super Channel’ staying up late while my grandmother was fast asleep having nightmares of WWII. Good times!!

the initiation